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Case Study
Prospa: Home page redesign (Mobile App)
Lead Product Designer
Prospa is a bank for business owners in Nigeria with two simple missions; helping them kick start their business through in-app company incorporation and bank account opening and giving them all the tools they need to manage and scale their business such as invoicing, bookkeeping, payroll, multiple wallets, loans and debit cards.

Over 700,000 new companies were established last year between Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana & Kenya, but the process for setting-up/scaling business is presently disorganised and confusing and time-consuming - Prospa aims to simplify this process, register your business and provide a business bank account for customers within 1 week . 

As the lead designer at Prospa, I had the opportunity to collaborate with different teams, to redesign the home page of their mobile app.
Defining Success
After conducting usability studies on our mobile app, we discovered significant issues affecting the user experience. Our study encompassed 30 business owners, half of which were current users and the other half consisting of people using our app for the first time (non-members). This pool includes freelancers and businesses across various industries such as retail, manufacturing, and service providers.

The findings revealed that the current home page lacks clear navigation and fails to effectively communicate Prospa's value proposition to users. As a result, customers encounter difficulties in accessing relevant information and completing essential tasks. This has led to low engagement, user frustration, and incomplete onboarding.

This situation presents us with the following problem statement: How can we redesign the home page to cater to the needs of all segments of business owners, irrespective of their industry?

How can we redesign the home page to cater to the needs of all segments of business owners, irrespective of their industry?
of all participants had issues with the accounts page, only 35% thought it was clear and understandable
of participants found it to be easy and also identified several products that would be beneficial to their business,
Our research goals
Lagos, Nigeria 🇳🇬
For members (current users)

The goal for conducting sessions with members is to enhance the overall user experience for current members. By gaining a thorough understanding of their challenges, preferences, and requirements, the aim is to identify areas where product features can be improved, processes can be streamlined, and ultimately, customer satisfaction and loyalty can be increased.

For Non-members (non-users)

The aim is to identify any barriers or challenges that may prevent them from becoming members. This feedback helps in optimizing the onboarding process, addressing usability issues, and improving the overall appeal and conversion rate for new users.
We asked participants to perform the following tasks
Current Home (or Accounts) Page
Key Findings
Major Issues

It took 50% of participants up to a minute to find how to share their account details 

Major Issue

40% of non-members don't understand the concept of "sub-accounts" or other accounts

Major Issue

40% of non-members found the term "overall balance" to be confusing
Minor Issue

20% of non-members don't understand what points are
Home redesign
New Iteration
The home page now feature one balance showing the total balance of all accounts owned by the user, the user is able to view a breakdown of the balance using the view accounts button. The share account button is more prominent on the page offering a one-click solution for user to share their account details.

The users most recent transaction can be seen and expanded throught view all which goes to the payments page where users can filter and view more transactions in detail.

To complete onboarding, a "to-do" section has been added to the home page showing all incomplete tasks allowing the user can take action and complete in a single click. The point and essential features remain the same with little tweaks and all tools have been moved to the virtual tab for quick access.

See the new iteration in action: App storeGoogle Play