Prospa: Member Points
Malva: Web3 Case Study
Salad: Design System
Crocs: Creative Direction
Tulatto: Identity + Web
🔒 Wild: Identity + Web
🔒 Prospa: Product Design
🔒 Fortuna: SaaS Platform
Brand Identity Designer + Web Designer + Creative Director
I created the visual identity and website for the Fashion retailer Tulatto - I also curated the direction for brand, its content style and photography.
Brand Identity

Creating a cohesive visual and emotional representation of the brand through elements such as logos, colors, typography, photography style, and messaging to convey its unique personality, values, and aesthetic to the target audience.
Web Design

Designing an accessible and enjoyable online shopping experience for visitors, in line with the brand's identity that showcases the products and communicates efficiently.
Creative Direction

Guiding the overall artistic vision and storytelling, including concept development, design direction, and marketing strategies, to ensure a cohesive and compelling brand identity and expression across various brand touchpoints.
Brand Assets

Creating brand assets in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects that creates a 'Tulatto feeling' - holiday, beach, party & a good time with friends.
I partnered with Tulatto to create a new identity for their brand
Collaborating with Tulatto, we crafted an extraordinary new brand identity that reflects their vision as a fashion platform known for curating trendy and eye-catching fashion pieces from around the globe. With their rapidly growing business in mind, they sought an appearance to embody a sense of carefreeness, holiday, and unparalleled uniqueness. Coming with a well-defined brand strategy, they were eager to embark on the journey to propel their brand forward.

We opted for a logotype with unique and stylized typography over a logo mark to reiterate the brand's name with every opportunity for easy remembrance and recognition among their audience as it's new in the market. To our advantage, the name is short and distinct making it a perfect fit.